Get paid, faster.

We speed up collections, so you can focus on building your business.

Our credit control app plugs into QuickBooks, Sage & Xero to automate invoice reminders & debt collection.

It's simple, easy, fast.

Credit Control For QuickBooks, Xero & Sage

Our app improves your business cashflow.
Save time & get paid faster with Fido.

Cashflow Problems — #1 Business Killer

We know how hard it is to build a great business. We're successful, serial entrepreneurs ourselves. But doing great work isn't enough. You need to get paid, on time.

At Fido, we chase up your outstanding invoices and will even call your debtors to ensure you get paid, promptly.

Late payment guide for small businesses
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Save Time

Credit control is dull and time consuming. Nobody told you it would be like this when you started. But it is. Let us handle that headache for you.

Works With QuickBooks, Xero & Sage

With just a few clicks, Fido plugs-in to your cloud accounting software. Simply connect your accounts and we can get to work for you — quickly & easily.

Save Money

We work hard on your behalf to ensure you get paid promptly. Better cashflow enables you to focus on the business & invest in the things that matter.

No Worries!

With Fido credit control, you can worry less and enjoy the fruits of your labours. Let our professional credit control team keep on top of your outstanding invoices for you.

Late payment affects over 75% of businesses

We work hard to get you paid promptly, and without fuss. Our Fido credit control app continuously follows-up on your outstanding invoices. Your customers are contacted to remind them of outstanding payments. We'll even call your clients to chase them if you wish.

You're always in control - decide who, when & how to chase late payments

Fido uses advanced machine learning to identify the most effective time to contact slow payers using proprietary SmartRulesTM

Always-on, always working for you to follow-up on outstanding invoices

Simple to integrate - works with QuickBooks, Xero & Sage

Your own credit control manager - a real person oversees your account and can provide help & advice

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Integrates with QuickBooks, Xero & Sage

Simply connect your cloud accounting software to Fido. We'll keep a track of your sales invoices, issue reminders to clients, chase forthcoming payments by email, SMS and by phone. And when a client pays, we say "Thank you" on your behalf, too.

Fido Dashboard

You control who, how and when we follow-up with your clients. All activity is logged on the Fido dashboard. We provide recordings of every call we make to your clients.

Credit Control for Slack

See your Fido activity in your Slack timeline. Tell Fido what to do with new clients and invoices - just say "/fido". Simple & convenient.

Credit Control API

Use our RESTful API to integrate credit control capabilities (including real-life credit controller calls) into your own platform.

Premium Support

Our team of credit control experts is here to provide help & advice whenever you need it. Got a late payment problem? Let us help.


Packages and Pricing

Select the plan that suits your needs.
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  • Up 3 Clients
  • Unlimited Invoices
  • Credit Control by Email
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$ 29

Per Month

  • Up to 25 Clients
  • Unlimited Invoices
  • Credit Control by Email
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$ 89

Per Month

  • Up to 100 clients
  • Unlimited Invoices
  • Credit Control by Email & Telephone
  • Your Own Receivables Manager
  • Credit Control API ($extra)
  • White Label ($extra)
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*To explore your best plan or for a custom quote, please contact

21st Century Credit Control

Fido credit control addon integrates neatly with QuickBooks, Xero & Sage. Fido ensures that every invoice is followed-up at the right time, with an approach that's just right for your business. Simply connect your accounting package and within minutes, we can start managing your outstanding receivables.

API : Credit Control-As-A-Service

Our developer API provides credit control-as-a-service. Integrate your own invoicing app or cloud accounting/banking platform into Fido using our RESTful API. We provide full documentation and sandbox for rapid prototyping & launch.

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Credit Control - On Demand

Late payment & debt collection services on-demand. Never get another late payment.

  • You're Always In Control

    Easily setup automated rules to maximise your cashflow whilst maintaining great customer relationships.

  • Simple To Setup

    It takes just a few minutes to plug your cloud accounting software into Fido. Once that's done, sit back & relax - we will do the rest!

  • Configurable Templates

    Fido comes complete with a wide range of email and SMS templates for professional messages every time.

  • White Label & Developer API

    Re-brand or white-label Fido to have your own branding, logos and colors. Ideal for business advisors, accountancy practices and other partners. Our credit control API is designed for developers - easily embed credit control capability into your existing platfom.

  • Advanced SmartRulesTM

    When is the best time of day or day of week to chase-up your clients? Fido SmartRules continuously learn and adapt to your ccustomers' behaviour to deliver follow-ups at the right time to get you paid.

  • Free Support & Advice

    Our credit control team have over 50 years' collective experience managing customers through the payment cycle. Reach out at any time for help or advice to maximise your business cashflow.

  • Within days, Fido had recovered over $40,000 of unpaid invoices. Amazing.

    – Peter

    Biloxi, MS
  • Our marketing agency relies on prompt payment to pay suppliers and publishers. Fido brought our debtors days down from 45 days to 26 days in just a month. Thank you!

    – Sarah

    Los Angeles, CA
  • Running a small business likes Mike's Bikes takes lots of time. I didn't have time to follow-up with slow paying clients. Now Fido does that for me - they even say "thank you" to clients who pay early!

    – Mike

    Flint, MI
  • Before Fido, we used to spend 4 or 5 hours every week chasing up payments. That wasn't much fun. Now we can focus on our clients and growing the business without worrying about late payment.

    – Genevieve

    Paris, France

Make Late Payments a Thing of The Past

What Is Credit Control?

Credit control involves making sure you only do business with people who can pay you - and ensuring you get paid for the work you do. Freelancers, consultants and small business owners know all-too-well how slow clients can be at paying. We speed that process up with timely, friendly reminders by email, SMS and phone.

Why Do I Need Help With Credit Control?

Our professional credit control support enables you to focus on running your business and delivering great work to your clients. We handle the tedious administrative aspects of ensuring payment, saving you hours every week.

Concerned about my business cashflow
Don't have time to chase payments myself
Concerned for client relationships
Want to focus on my work, not admin

Need help or support?

We're here to help! Simply raise a question via online chat or drop us an email at

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